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Jake Marisnick or Anthony Gose?

If there are two players in the Toronto Blue Jays system who are destined to be perpetually linked it might be young outfield prospects Anthony Gose and Jake Marisnick.  Both offer their own unique skill set and each have their strengths and weaknesses but let me pose a tough question – if forced, which one would you choose, Goose or Maverick?

Opinions have differed with some favouring the uber-athletic Gose with his tantalizing tools while some prefer the more polished skills of Marisnick.  The argument has been made before on countless prospect websites and fans alike so I thought we could dive in a little deeper and see just who is the superior prospect?

Anthony Gose is a lefty swinging (and throwing) athletic centre field prospect who was drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2nd round of the 2008 MLB draft.  He was taken as a young, raw high school kid who was also a promising pitching prospect at the time, armed with a 97-mph heater.  Gose had a desire to play every day and had lingering shoulder problems so he was drafted with the expectation of becoming a position player.

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Eight Blue Jays Make John Sickels 2012 Top 120 Prospects

Another list, another bunch of Blue Jays making the cut.  This time John Sickels released his top 120 prospects heading into 2012.  He gave a quick explanation as to how he rates and ranks:

In the past, I have avoided combining lists for hitters and pitchers, preferring to separate them since they are different species. I still think that is the right thing to do philosophically, but nobody seems to agree with me on that, and demand for combined prospect lists is very high. So, here’s a combined list.

As with all such lists, the trick is finding a balance between short-term expectation, closeness to the majors, and long-term potential. A list that looks at nothing but long-term upside will look much different than a list focused on players poised to make a quick impact. This list is a hybrid of the two types and some of the rankings will reflect that.

The top Blue Jay prospects was once again catcher Travid D’Arnaud at #26, here is the full ranking of Jays and the top 15 overall:

1) Bryce Harper, OF, Washington Nationals
2) Matt Moore, LHP, Tampa Bay Rays
3) Mike Trout, OF, Los Angeles Angels
4) Yu Darvish, RHP, Texas Rangers
5) Jurickson Profar, SS, Texas Rangers

6) Shelby Miller, RHP, St. Louis Cardinals
7) Trevor Bauer, RHP, Arizona Diamondbacks
8) Manny Machado, SS, Baltimore Orioles
9) Jesus Montero, C, Seattle Mariners
10) Julio Teheran, RHP, Atlanta Braves

11) Gerrit Cole, RHP, Pittsburgh Pirates
12) Devin Mesoraco, C, Cincinnati Reds
13) Nolan Arenado, 3B, Colorado Rockies
14) Wil Myers, OF, Kansas City Royals
15) Taijuan Walker, RHP, Seattle Mariners

Blue Jays:

26) Travis D’Arnaud, C, Toronto Blue Jays

48) Jake Marisnick, OF, Toronto Blue Jays

51) Anthony Gose, OF, Toronto Blue Jays

67) Noah Syndergaard, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays

68) Justin Nicolino, LHP, Toronto Blue Jays

70) Daniel Norris, LHP, Toronto Blue Jays

73) Drew Hutchison, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays (Nestor Molina was ranked #72)

80) Deck McGuire, RHP, Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Blue Jays Top 15 Prospects For 2012

Here is the introduction piece from yesterday explaining the rationale and system behind these rankings.  In a nutshell I scoured the net in search of all of the most respected prospect sites/sources and attempted to build a list around the overall consensus among talent evaluators.  Enjoy.

#1 – Travis D’Arnaud – Born 02/10/1989 – Catcher.

6’2”-195 LBS, Bats/Throws – R/R


Baseball America #1 Blue Jays prospect
John Sickels B+
Fangraphs #2 Blue Jays prospect
Baseball Prospectus Five star #25 overall

 2011 Stats: (AA) 114 games, 466 PAs, 311/371/542 (.402 wOBA, 150 wRC+, .231 ISO).  BABIP – .365

What they are saying:  

He was the Eastern League’s 2011 MVP and ranked either #1 or #2 on all of the prospect lists I checked and is definitely the most complete player in the system.  Some consider him the best catching prospect in baseball and I get exciting visions of a Russell Martin type career.

Quick bat, outstanding hand-eye coordination, the ability to hit .280-.300 and the strength to add 25-plus home runs annually. He’s very athletic for a catcher with a plus arm, and he moves well behind the plate. He is a 40 runner.  He’s made some strides in his plate discipline, but it could still use refinement.

A possible All-Star level catcher who will eventually push J.P. Arencibia to the bench or to another franchise by 2013.  Expect him to make a cameo appearance in 2012 at some point.

#2 – Jake Marisnick – Born 03/30/1991 – Outfield.

6’4”-200 LBS, Bats/Throws – R/R


Baseball America #3 Blue Jays prospect
John Sickels B+
Fangraphs #7 Blue Jays prospect
Baseball Prospectus Five star #58 overall

 2011 Stats: (A) 118 games, 523 PAs, 320/392/500 (.413 wOBA, 160 wRC+, .180 ISO).  BABIP – .371

What they are saying:

He’s a big, majestic athlete with above-average speed, excellent hitting skills, and is just starting to tap into his power, which projects as plus. He’s a good center fielder, and his arm is a weapon.  Marisnick could use more patience at the plate. Power ceiling is the big debate as Marisnick’s swing is more conducive to hard line drives than towering fly balls.

Baseball America considered him one of the best athletes in the 2009 MLB draft class and has the upside of a five tool centre fielder.  Overall they feel he is a quality athlete and better hitter than Anthony Gose but will likely move to right field if Gose entrenches himself in centre field.

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