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Blue Jays Offseason Review

Ben Nicholson-Smith does a great job outlining all the moves the Jays made this past offseason, click here for the full read.

Here is a breakdown:

Major League Signings

Notable Minor League Signings

Tim Redding, Omar Vizquel, Kyle Phillips, Nelson Figueroa, Robert Coello, Brian Bocock, Aaron Laffey.

Trades and Claims


Notable Losses

AL Eastbound On Twitter!

  • Can't wait to see how bad Arizona gets fleeced for Aroldis Chapman. Why Dave Stewart feels this is needed is beyond me. 5 hours ago
  • @jaysfaninwhite a win is a win. We need every one we can get. 8 hours ago
  • What's the debate about? Price would be on regular rest Sunday. He starts Sunday. You don't give extra rest to your $20MM dollar pitcher 8 hours ago
  • Thank you Detroit. First your coach and now your ace. We owe you one little bro. #bluejays 8 hours ago
  • @KennedyKr_is this... haters... for real 11 hours ago

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