More Joey Bats, Less Joey Yaps

As the undisputed leader of the Toronto Blue Jays Jose Bautista needs to take the team in a completely different direction this season.  The fans appreciate the skills and passion Joey Bats brings to the field each night and some players are just more demonstrative on the field than others but this constant bickering with umpires needs to end, immediately.

These umpires are human beings who are sensitive to the harsh criticism and will undoubtedly harbor resentment to players they feel ‘show them up’.  It isn’t a sensible long term strategy to upset the most influential officials in all of sports – the men who literally determine the strike zone.

Here is a look at the at-bat Bautista took issue with versus Justin Masterson in the fifth inning when he was caught looking at a called third strike.


As you can plainly see the seventh pitch in the at-bat was borderline but according to pitch f/x caught enough of the plate to be a reasonable call.  In closing it is time to turn over a new leaf, a more respectful one, it will only benefit the team in the long run.

Get fired up, throw a tantrum, in the clubhouse.

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